Google Workspaces

(Formerly G Suite)

Why Google Workspaces for Your Business?

At we love to help and support companies and organizations move to the cloud with Workspaces, provide training and change management, and migrate your emails, calendars, documents and files into Google. It was designed for modern evolving businesses on main street or Ecommerce.

Industry-leading Cloud Reliability with Google

Google Cloud offers its services with a 99.9% service level agreement. Workspaces achieved 99.989% uptime availability in 2018. With no planned downtime for updates and system maintenance you can rely on Workspaces ready for use whenever you need it.

Cyber Security

Workspaces encrypts everything with leading edge SSL / TLS 256-bit encryption using the government approved and adopted AES standard. This includes web interfaces and anything stored on Google Drive.

Lots of Benefits For You!

  • Low cost and affordable

  • Ideal for small-medium businesses and non-profits

  • Great for high performance individuals and professionals

  • Great alternative to Active Directory

  • Easy, fast and secure file sharing inside or outside of your company.

If you need any help with your upcoming Workspace deployment or support with a current Workspace implementation then let us know today!

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Google Sites

Google Websites

Extremely dynamic, mobile responsive and intuitive web interface and customer experiences are achieved with Google Sites.

  • Multiple domains (primary and secondary) in one account.

  • Domain email accounts.

  • Intranet or Public Internet Sites.

  • In our opinion, one of the best kept secrets of Google!!