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White Oak Versus Red Oak Hardwood Floors

Which one is the best? I always actually thought maple hardwood floors were the way to go if you like lighter floors, but I was surprised when I ripped up my carpet in my new house and discovered I had white oak hardwood floors. Thank God I did..

How To Buy A Small Business

Buying a business can be simpler and easier than starting or launching one on your own. You get existing cash flow, inventory, track record and hopefully some loyal customers or a Database of existing customers. Read more.

What Are The Biggest CPA Affiliate Networks?

Highest paying CPA neworks affiliates can advertise on and make the most return from their ad dollars. CPA marketers can make over $250,000 per year net profit part time. Read more.

Top Hottest Jobs That Pay Six Figures

Looking for a job that doesn't require a degree, and you can earn six figures within 1-2 years? Things are changing and if you have skills in certain technologies you can get one of these jobs. Read More

Does The Body Burn Fat While Sleeping?

During sleep, the body primarily burns fat for energy. When you are in a state of rest, such as when you are sleeping, your body shifts from using glucose as its primary fuel source to using fat as its primary fuel source. Read more/.

Classical Direct Mail Versus Digital Ads Today

As a marketer, I believe that direct mail has several benefits over digital marketing ads.

Targeted audience: Direct mail allows for a more targeted approach to reaching potential customers. By using mailing lists or other demographic data, direct mail can be sent to specific neighborhoods, income levels, or other criteria that align with the target audience.

Tangible impact: Direct mail has a tangible impact on recipients, as they can hold the material in their hands. This can make the message more memorable and increase the likelihood of a response.

Less competition: With the rise of digital marketing, there is a lot of competition for attention online. Direct mail can help a business stand out and make a stronger impression.

Cost-effective: Direct mail can be cost-effective, especially when targeted to a specific audience.

Increased response rate: Direct mail has been shown to have a higher response rate than digital marketing, as it is more personal and tangible.

Measurable: Direct mail campaigns can be tracked and measured in a way that digital marketing can't, allowing for more precise evaluation of the campaign's success.

Long-lasting: Direct mail can be kept for later reference, unlike digital marketing which can easily be deleted or forgotten, which can help to extend the lifetime value of the campaign.