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The Digital Marketing World

I simply help businesses solve their digital problems they don't have time to address. Marketing, web technology, asset research/investigations and a host of other associated services. I use a lot of Google applications because they are fast, reliable, super easy to deploy and extremely efficient in online business operations, especially for small businesses.

CompTIA Network+ Certified

CompTIA I.T. Fundamentals Certified

Google Ads Certified

Google Analytics Certified

About Me

I started my 1st Internet business in 1998 selling ebooks online at the age of 20. Things were just starting back then with online business and only about 180 million people were actually online. I had to create my own websites from scratch using HTML code and editors.

The biggest business I started was an Internet-based real estate investment company in Cleveland, Ohio back in 2005 to capitalize on the rapidly rising distress real estate market, which was promoted through Google Ads, SEO and direct mail. Through my real estate websites and marketing, I purchased and sold over 300 houses and apartments.

I have a lot of experience in OSINT research (Open Source Intelligence) and cyber inspections for individuals and small companies that need intelligence on real estate assets, owners, corporations and web site weaknesses.

Corporate, Business and Digital Assets

I have experience and understanding of corporate entities, documents and filings in the State of Ohio through the numerous transactions I have taken part in. I often need to investigate corporations, owners and assets using OSINT on the web, including domains, IP addresses, websites, cyber security, vulnerability assessments and business impact analysis in the form of qualitative reports.

Online Research & Intelligence Gathering

I can search public databases and find pieces to a larger puzzle and connect dots to give a clear picture of an event, circumstance or revelation about most common intents, such as; Background investigations on people, corporations, events, incidents, digital assets, court records, property records and anything else that can be searched using public databases, which is about 80% of anything. This skill can really give a small business an edge in marketing and competition.

Experience in Business & Marketing:

Through-out the businesses that I have founded and grew, I have developed valuable skills that are very relevant today. These skills are:

  • Digital marketing through Content or Native ads

  • General PPC campaign management and the big 3 marketing interfaces (Google, Facebook and Bing)

  • Real estate underwriting and investing. I formerly founded and ran an investment business as a principal and bought and sold over 300 properties in the grater Cleveland area.

  • Rapid lead generation using paid ads on Facebook or Google.

  • Facebook account resolution; If you are a marketer and have had your ad account or business manager disabled, I have a lot of experience in getting them reactivated, mostly with my own accounts.

  • OSINT (Open source intelligence) cyber research; this is a skill and takes time to develop, anyone can do it but do you have the time and know where to look? I do! Let me gather your intelligence so that you have leverage in making strategic business or personal decisions.

Website Administration and Hosting Skills:

Through owning my own businesses in the past 15 years, I have developed skills in creating, deploying and easily managing multiple websites and databases for marketing campaigns (or any purpose) very fast.

Today's technology allows ANYONE to easily deploy a website with minimal tech skills, but you do need to know how to use the TOOLS, and that is where many beginning entrepreneurs stumble or get bottle-necked. Technology is happening so fast now, it can be a frustrating experience if you do not have a strong background in tech, let alone having to learn a new platform and its tools.

How Can I Help You?

  • Automate your lead generation system

  • Create an automated ONLINE sales funnel asset that works for you when you are sleeping AND running your business.

  • Web Hosting: Fully licensed web hosting with access to 100+ applications (Like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc) all PHP options, databases and fast data transfers. I can provision you an account (LAMP STACK) with full cPanel license and 500+ emails and domain add-ons. I can act as your webhosting backend administrator too.

  • WordPress Websites: I am experienced in creating and launching many WordPress websites. I can install it on your hosting accounts and upload a templated or custom website. It would be secured and tweaked to your customization.

  • Google Sites: I can deploy a Google Websites for you that is backed by Google's powerful servers and comes with file sharing management and intranet options.

  • Cloud solutions: I can deploy a cloud desktop (Desktop as a Service or Virtual Desktop) for you or your business using reliable platforms. These are becoming very popular as businesses do not want to pay for extensive hardware and desktops, with cloud desktops you can buy thin clients at lower costs to access the cloud desktop, and the accounts are extremely easy to manage, patch, update and secure - since it is all in the cloud.

  • Google Workspace Accounts(Formerly G Suite): One of the best services for small businesses is using Google apps, I can help you with setting up an account and establishing user accounts with in. These are great intranets for sharing files and folders but you can also share publicly. Google Sites is a great way to have a public or private website that is fully secure and up 99.9% since it is hosted on google servers 100%. I thing that Google Sites are one of the best kept secrets.

  • Website sales funnels - lead generation: Setting these up can be time consuming. But they work and the build your email list, and EMAIL LISTS are and always will WORK for business if you are relevant to the audience, and offer quality and value. Email lists are better than paid ads, and if you have a quality product or service you will have a loyal following that you can sell to over and over. Imagine if you had every email of all your previous customers and automatically sent them follows ups ever week, do you think they would be a lifelong customer? Memory and good customer service is everything today, there are so many other ads and competitors, your new customer can easily forget all about you.

  • Shopping cart solutions: Ecommerce is the biggest booming business tight now in 2020-2021! Looking to save money and not sign up for expensive Ecommerce solutions like Shopify or Oberlo? I get it, I couldn't stand paying them over $100 a month and all of the ADD ONS you had to have to sell products online using a secured shopping cart, and you DO need a shopping cart that is secure. Instead, I can develop a secure simple shopping cart for your website using COLD FUSION, or for WordPress I can set up WooCommerce and integrate it into your website SECURELY and seamlessly.

  • Domain Names: I have bought over 3,000 domains names, manage a portfolio of domains and have sold hundreds of domain names in the past 10 years.

Doing research and finding the right name that is brandable and in with the Trends is very important for you website, right? I can consult with you on what the best options are for domains names today, you can also glance at my domains I currently own and see if any of the are a great fit? Any domain name I sell comes with 1 month of FREE web hosting.