Advanced Online Marketing and Ecommerce Solutions

For Small Businesses, Professionals and Work-at-Home Entrepreneurs

About NetworkMage

We offer specialized digital services for small and medium business owners and organizations. Our expertise was acquired through trial and error as a business owner.

Many small business owners and individuals are confused and overwhelmed at the pace marketing technology is developing and cannot keep up. Let us help you!

Successful Small Enterprise Digital Integrations

  1. Having a presence Online is a priority, all eyeballs are being piled into networks like Facebook, Google, Pinterest, etc. Billions of people are using Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc..

  2. You have to be constantly building and working your customer email list. Email marketing has always worked, and always will. One of the fastest and easiest ways to build large email lists is through SURVEY Campaigns, Free offers, relevant engagement and niches. We specialize in survey/poll/quiz campaigns!

  3. You have to have a secure valid certificate, fast, optimized and fully updated website at ALL TIMES. Generating leads through opt-in landing pages is still working.

  4. You have to have an automated lead management system with constant follow up (Chatbot on website, Facebook chatbot, automated emails and follow-ups, telemarketers, etc) A.I. is the wave of the future for digital marketing.

  5. Setting up and running constant low budget PAID ADS will get you constant exposure when your competition fizzles out on ad budgets or is wasting all of their time trying to be #1 in SEO results. Paid Ads is the way to go today. SEO is great, but SEO has become a very complex ordeal that very few business owners have time to figure out, Paid ads are the fast way to long term traffic.

  6. Native Ads are currently working better that Paid search and Display Advertising. Storytelling just works well in marketing.

  7. Content marketing is still important and will get you the SEO and authority ranking needed in order to be perceived as legit in your customers' perception.

  8. Email still works better than ever, and probably always will. If you aren't building your email list everyday, you are missing out on easy income. You can make a fortune from your email list, with very little effort!

"How To Get Leads and Sales Done Automatically Using Automation That Doesn't Need Your Involvement"

Grow Your Business Beyond Your Own Efforts??

You have 2 ways:

  1. Hire more people and train them. (Not fun)

  2. Increase ad spend and marketing through smart automated technologies and leads management. (If done right, is fun and liberating)

Common Problems With Businesses TODAY!

Problem #1

You're a local business running on non stop referrals leads, you have plenty of business, your big problem is how to manage all your inbound and existing leads automatically.

Problem #2

You are having trouble generating qualified leads, or converting leads into sales.

You don't really understand online marketing or how to use the complex ad platforms. You don't have sales funnels set up. You lose potential leads from lack of follow up, engagement and missed phone calls.

What is the solution?

Partner with someone that will for this FOR YOU.

At the very lease, you should be collecting emails from ALL leads and have an automated follow up system.

The #1 effective marketing technique for local businesses = automated email list building and automated workflows.

Kindle and Publishing Services

Ebook Creation

Non-Fiction Niches

Best Prices Onine

3 to 7 Day Delivery


Kindle to Paperback Conversion

Ebook Covers

Author Websites


Audio Book Production

Paperback Production

Business Services

A popular service, as many businesses are swamped with leads and work, they have no time to follow up with emails, phone calls and NEW leads!

Don't get complacent, you need to capture and retain every new customer lead and be sure to follow up with all existing ones, they are your business lifeblood.

Email Service

  • We Respond to your inbound leads and general emails, fast and effectively.

  • We Follow up with your customers in a positive enthusiastic manner to ensure satisfaction.

  • Create automated email messages for your existing customer email list. Never lose contact, completely automated.

Phone Service

Don't have time to follow up on phone calls and leads? Let us do it for you!

Social Media Management

Daily social and blog posts for your audience. Respond to comments and posts.

Premier Services

Lead Generation

  • Email List building.

  • Survey and Polls.

  • Facebook Lead Ads

  • Google Ads

  • Native Ads

Facebook Ads

  • Facebook Business Managers.

  • Campaign set up.

  • Pixels and data management.

Liquid Websites

  • Rapidly Deployed Websites.

  • Landing pages.

  • Email opt-in pages.

  • Splash pages / Video

Cyber Inspections

  • Vulnerability

  • Assessments.

  • Threat Assessments.

  • Website Security & Risk.

Special Services

Survey-Poll Campaigns

Build a mass emailing list with online polls for pennies per lead acquired. Learn More..

VPN Solutions

Need help establishing a VPN vendor and configuring it to work with your network?

Small Biz Intranets

Deploy a Google Cloud-based mini intranet for your life files or business, using the Google Workspace platform. Designed for small and large organizations, or personal use.

Web Hosting

Don't rely on cheap shared hosting accounts, every lead counts, don't let them bounce from low bandwidth hosting.

Marketing Solutions

Google Ads / Bing Ads

G Suite - Looking for an easy intranet and file sharing system? G Suite is the best, and is also super secure and encrypted.

Facebook Ads and Pages

Small business automation solutions for leads management and follow up. How many leads do you lose from lack of control and follow up?

Ad Account Resolutions

Need help setting up or resolving rejected ad accounts on Facebook and Google ad accounts, pages or pixels? We can help..

Google Workspaces Benefits:

  • Simple and Fast

  • 99.9% Uptime

  • Hosts your domain(s)

  • Free User-Friendly Websites

  • Set up Intranets

  • Affordable

  • Great for small businesses.

  • Great for simple operations.

  • Very small learning curve.

Google Workspaces for Business:

Why set up Workspaces? It is a great, low-cost, super secure and reliable platform for small to medium sized businesses. You have an abundance of apps to use and have the ability to create and deploy dynamic simple websites, docs, files and multiple intranets.

From tasks such as file sharing to useful things like Google Meet, security is the most important consideration when working the the cloud in real time, Google has the most secure and advanced servers in the world.


Torontos Travel Agency

Cyber Security Assessment

"Created a reliable and secure network for us"

Thank you for your help in creating a more secure stable network for my company, Your persistence and knowledge allowed the process to flow quite easy. The company's internet security and reliability before you audited it was subject to hacking and vulnerabilities. After you completed the job, our company has been running non-stop and malware - free. We believe the work you completed has made our company more secure.

I was a typical SMB with no network security and lots of open IoT vulnerabilities and wifi threats.

September 18, 2020

Nicholas Toronto, Broker/Owner
Scottsdale, AZ

Double Enterprises, Ltd.

Cyber Security Assessment, Malware Removal and New Secure Dynamic Website.

I wanted to reach out to you regarding your recent services provided to Double Enterprises. It was a pleasure working with you and your team, very professional and a job well done.

I can now rest assured that we are properly protected and look forward to continued relationship to moving forward with confidence knowing that NetworkMage is on our side.

Not only was the assistance with Internet security on point, but the Web Site updating that was completed by Dana Onyshko with Network Mage was fantastic. We are proud of what you have provided us. Great job and thank you again for the professional service and outstanding performance from start to finish.

March 2nd, 2021


Kevin Double, President
Double Enterprises, Ltd.

Meadowlawn Condo Association

Dynamic Smart Google Website with Easy File Management

"We are an HOA, we needed a simple fast automated website solution with turnkey file management online. "

"We knew that Google is super secure and always up, so this made sense. Plus, we don't have time to update and monitor a website, Our biggest problem was requests from owners, buyers and title companies for the HOA documents via email, all the time. Luckily, NetworkMage solved this with our new Automated Google Website"

Putting these documents online made our life a lot easier!

This past year, provided technical help with our network and Internet including the design and deployment of a G Suite website and intranet for our condominium association. They created a G Suite account, deployed a G Suite network and configured a full directory with full website for our document sharing, resident portal and contact page.

This included a easy access page for our documents for realtors, bankers can download at any time. It is very simple and user-friendly.

While completing this work, Dana (Owner) was very professional and pleasant to deal with. He expressed a desire to branch out and work with other businesses and thus I recommend him without reserve. He has the skills and drive to complete website projects, we are very happy with out own result.

April 5th, 2020

Bryan Mansfield, Manager
The Meadowlawn Condominium Homeowners' Association
Meadowlawn Drive, Mentor, OH 44060

Trader Joe's

Targeted Survey Campaign

Unbelievable Performance, Shocking Email List

In January of 2020 NetworkMage set up and deployed a survey campaign regarding a petition to get Trader Joe's to look into setting up a store somewhere in Lake county, preferably Mentor, Willoughby or Concord areas.

The response was viral, over 8,000 Lake County survey respondents in 20 days and over 7300 email opt ins.

We then went on to deploy surveys in other states and NetworkMage has produced an email list of over 85,000 survey submissions and 50,000 voluntary email opt ins in 2020 and spending ONLY $550!! The value of each email/follower is huge.

February 2020 - Present (ongoing leads generation)

Trader Joe's near You

Google Workspaces

Why Google Business Services?

Google is huge, everyone knows this, we started our business on Google SEO and PPC ads in 2006. We have a lot of experience with Google and there are some metrics that cannot be overlooked if you are a local business

#1 is Google My Business

This platform is free and totally awesome. You get a central location for your business on a map and everything about it. You can make posts, product displays and blogs that will show up right in the search results. Plus. Google loves when businesses use this and will give you a good SEO ranking just for using their FREE product.

Should I bother with SEO?

Yes have a long term plan, an authority site well developed with good relevant content will automatically rank in SEO results. Paid ads is the best way to go now for profit driven businesses.

Google Display Ads

Display ads are where the action is, it's like the newspaper only online now.

Google search PPC

Google Websites

Need a rapid reliable fast website? We specialize in creating, deploying, integrating and managing Google Websites! What is the difference between a Google website and other hosted websites?

  • Googles servers are the most reliable and secure in the world.

  • Your website is guaranteed 99.9% uptime

  • Google Sites are very powerful and versatile, you can use them to create your own private Intranet for your company or organization, for employees only; or you can make it a public Internet site.

  • Google Forms are very secure and cannot be hacked easily unlike HTML, PHP and WordPress plugins which can be exploited very easily.

  • Your site will load fast and is not like regular shared hosting that has many inherent problems.

  • The costs is VERY LOW and can even be free.

Advanced Online Marketing and Ecommerce Solutions

For Small Businesses, Professionals and Work-at-Home Entrepreneurs

Clerical Business Services

Document Conversions

PDF to MS Word or Other Conversions


Audio to Text
Text to Audio


Contact Forms

Website Services


I Find a Great Domain For Your Brand

Website Design

Your Own Self-Hosted Dynamic Website

Web Hosting

Fast VPS Web Hosting and IP Address

Facebook Help

  • I Can Create Your Business Management Accounts For Maximum Advertising Capabilities.

  • I Can Resolve Suspended Accounts and Business Managers.

  • I Can Set Up Ad Campaigns.

  • I Can Create Email Leads With No Opt-In Pages or Websites.

Online Research

I can research and create online cyber intelligence files for you or your business. Subjects range from people, corporations, assets, real estate, skip tracing, etc.

Corporate Filings

If you are in or outside the United States, I can act as your incorporator and file new corporations, LLC's, Limited Partnerships, Trusts, Etc.

I can also act as your statutory agent and forward any mail you receive.

Business Idea Generation

I will use my creativity to generate a list of ideas, solutions, concepts, outliers and alternatives for a challenge you have or idea you need concerning a business, life situation or other area of your life (personal or professional) that in which you need an outside alternative idea for.