Top Business Services

  • Web Design and Logo

  • Micro Websites + Analytics

  • Video Transcription to Text

  • PPC Marketing / Facebook Ads

  • Market-Customer Surveys

  • Research & Intelligence

  • Cyber-Web Security Consulting

  • Real Estate Marketing & Lists

Welcome To NetworkMage

Based in Mentor, Ohio - Network Mage is a website builder and marketing company specializing in helping businesses enhance and automate their online presence through simple and dynamic new lead generation ideas/strategies, new websites, funnels and automated lead management systems.

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Pay-Per-Click Ads

I Do Local Marketing Services For local businesses and NON-profits that want new leads dripping in everyweek..

I will set up and run your online Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns on Google, Bing and Facebook for 3 months for FREE. You will need to supply ad costs however, but PPC optimization set up and analytics will be free. This is a $6,000 value. I will also include and special landing pages, funnels, domain name management, web hosting administration and opt-in forms for free to complete your PPC digital marketing strategy.

This will be a long-term campaign that should will deliver a drip flow of leads and inquiries to your business long after the promo ends. The ROI you will receive will far exceed your ad costs and management fees after promo ends If it doesn't we turn them off.

Convert your videos and audio files into text documents:

  • Make your own eBooks and sell on Amazon

  • Create an educational course

  • Make digital or print PDF books for promtions

  • Make blog posts out of your audio/video files

  • Massively increase your SEO scores

Audio/Video Speech-to-Text Conversion.

DO YOU OWN a YouTube channel and want your videos converted into text documents for ebooks, paperback version, or making a written course?

I will set upI specialize in making ebooks or text documents from audio and video files. Each job is custom of course depending on level of enginnering required and proof-reading is separate, as that can be a very long process.

Call today for an affordable quote! Content is STILL and will always be king.

Our Main Business Services

We Specialize In The Following Services..


Facebook Ads

Pay Per Click Ads

Website Maintenance Service


Customer Surveys & Polls

Fast Track Services

Your web presence is everything today.

Funnel Pages

One page sales pages that convert your leads simple and effective.

Web Design

Solutions for all business types.

Google Workspaces

"A simple, secure way to manage online files and sharing for small business"

Why Google Business?

Google is huge, everyone knows this, we started our business on Google SEO and PPC ads in 2006. We have a lot of experience with Google and there are some metrics that cannot be overlooked if you are a local business

Google My Business Listing

This platform is free and totally awesome. You get a central location for your business on a map and everything about it. You can make posts, product displays and blogs that will show up right in the search results. Plus. Google loves when businesses use this and will give you a good SEO ranking just for using their FREE product.

SEO Integrations

Yes! Have a long term plan, an authority site well developed with good relevant content will automatically rank in SEO results. Paid ads is the best way to go now for profit driven businesses.

Google Display Ads

Display ads are where the action is, it's like the newspaper only online now.

Google search PPC

PPC leads are hyper active buyers looking for your services right now, they are entering search terms.

Need a rapid reliable fast website?

We specialize in creating, deploying, integrating and managing Google Websites with your business.

What is the difference between a Google website and other hosted websites?

  • Googles servers are the most reliable and secure in the world.

  • Your website is guaranteed 99.9% uptime

  • Google Sites are very powerful and versatile, you can use them to create your own private Intranet for your company or organization, for employees only; or you can make it a public Internet site.

  • Google Forms are very secure and cannot be hacked easily unlike HTML, PHP and WordPress plugins which can be exploited very easily.

  • Your site will load fast and is not like regular shared hosting that has many inherent problems.

  • The costs is VERY LOW and can even be free.

Recent Testimonials

New Website Needed

"I wanted to reach out to you regarding your recent services provided to Double Enterprises. It was a pleasure working with you and your team, very professional and a job well done."

Kevin Double, CEO.
Cleveland, Ohio

New Website and File Management

"They created a full directory with full website for our document sharing, resident portal and contact page. It is very simple and user-friendly. While completing this work, Dana (Owner) was very professional and pleasant to deal with."

Bryan Mansfield, Condo Association Property Manager
Mentor, Ohio

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